maría ramos

From an early age I became aware of the importance of crafts and smart design, my dad being a tailor. Design is my profession and also one of my passions. In the last few years I have spent a great amount of time working on diverse projects with many different people. My time is now divided between commissioned and personal projects. Type design, branding and editorial design are my areas of expertise. If you have a idea and you think I can help to build it up, I will be thrilled to hear about it.

E maria(at)

Co-founder of NM type
Member of Alphabettes & DAG

MA in Typeface Design, Reading University (England), 2015
Degree in Advertising, Vigo University (Spain), 2004

Kinetic, Certificate of Typographic Excellence TDC, 2018
Kinetic, Iberoamerican Design Biennial, 2018
Sastre, Best in Class, Type & Lettering Awards Print, 2015

Design Indaba, Cape Town (South Africa), 2019
Ladies, Wine & Design, A Coruña (Spain), 2018
II Xornadas de Arte e Deseño, A Coruña, 2018
AtypI, Antwerp (Belgium), 2018
Cañas & tipos, Valencia, 2017
6º Encontro de Tipografía, Aveiro (Portugal), 2015

‘Type design for typewriters, Olivetti’, University of Reading, 2015
‘Typewriter/Typeface: The Legacy...’,, 2016
‘Olivetti, a unidade na diversidade’, exhibition & book, DIDAC, 2018
‘Real typewriter typefaces and their influence...’, Femme Type, 2019
Articles published on

Interview (in Spanish), Rayitas Azules, 2019
Interview (in Spanish), Eco Revista do Eixo Atlántico, 2018